Early Intervention

Individualised and evidence-based support to children who have a disability, can take base in the home or school environment. Early Intervention can provide the stepping stones needed to help your child in the future. It also supports the families and supports greater inclusion. Early intervention is about skill building for all people in the child’s life to support day-to-day activities, helping young people who have challenges in their day-to-day life.

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Early Intervention Services

YesAbility applies best practices in early childhood intervention, it helps the child and family to build their capacity and supports greater inclusion in community and everyday settings, meaning each child will be provided with opportunities to grow and learn.

Positive outcomes are achieved in part by increasing your confidence and capacity to manage and respond to your child’s support needs increasing your child’s ability to do activities they need or want to do throughout their day increasing your child’s inclusion and participation in mainstream and community settings like childcare or recreation.


Understanding Early Intervention

How Early Intervention Can Help

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Supports emotional and social development.

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Uses the child’s rapidly developing brain to encourage development.

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Gain independence in everyday activities.

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Work alongside schools.

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Grow and learn as a family.

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