Improved Daily Living

Improved Daily Living covers a wide range of services that assist with general life skills to help you live the life you want. This can include increasing independence, improving resilience and general wellbeing, relationships and contributing to the community. This can also include training for your supports.

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Improved Daily Living Services

Occupational Therapy sits under the Improved Daily Living category of funding, our Occupational Therapists specialise in Functional Capacity Assessments.

The purpose of an FCA is to ensure the participant's needs are understood and appropriate supports are available. This is done by determining an individual’s abilities and limitations for everyday tasks. Individual needs can be but are not limited to technology, equipment or modifications.


Understanding Improved Daily Living

How Improved Daily Living Can Help

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Increase independence.

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Identify strategies and to achieve goals.

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Ensure adequate funding is provided and justified.

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Support individuals with their daily living.

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Assist with planning for the future.

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There is more information about improved daily living in the link below and on the NDIS website.

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